This one no longer exists, but one local rite of passage was to cruise down to Lake Drive and go past the house with the strange sculptures outside. The house was on Lake Michigan, on a dead end road, and had a fence surrounding it, so it was basically a drive-by mystery. The story goes that the woman who lived there had lost her child and husband on Lake Michigan to a boating accident. Then she started creating these odd sculptures to put in her yard. It's unclear why or how that made her a witch, but it was kind of creepy at night to see these formations in the front yard that led out to the lake that took her family. 

If you went to this location on Halloween, it was actually less scary, since lots of local teens would be making the same trek, and local police officers would flash their lights at you to encourage you to move along. While no evidence exists that the woman who lived in the house was in any way associated with witchcraft, the sculptures were real, but the backstory was not true, since Mary Nohl (the witch) never married. Apparently, there was a plan to move the house to Sheboygan, but it's still in Fox Point now. 

Even if it's not true, one can see the allure. The location: down a dead end street, on the lake, late at night, and where you could imagine this poor, insane woman looking out at the lake that took her family each and every day, growing more and more insane, possibly waiting for the day the husband and child would emerge from the depths for her.