Kids from Menomonee Falls, Germantown, and Hubertus, will tell you about Hogsback Road. Most of the stories go something like this: you're driving down the road, something or someone jumps in front of your car, and you drive off one of the cliffs to your death. It's an easy ghost story to prove as fact because anyone who has ever seen the ghost has crashed 100 feet below. If you don't see the ghost, you're lucky (and alive). Really, the ghost could be anyone, but one story says that it's the first person to have crashed on the road, coming back up for more to join him. But it could just as well be the original owner of the land, upset with the cars driving through. Or some girl who was murdered and thrown down into the valley below, destined to haunt the road until someone find her. It's also been described as some kind of monster. Maybe a werewolf.

While it cannot be confirmed or denied because of the nature of the story, deadly crashes along this stretch of road do not happen at a higher rate than anywhere else in Wisconsin, so no evidence exists for the existence of whatever haunts Hogsback Road.