Down Mystic Drive in Muskego lies the mystical village of Haunchyville. The story, as can be found several places online, goes something like this: midgets working for a circus murder their boss and move to Muskego, build tiny homes to live in, and raise a normal-sized protector who comes out to challenge anyone who comes snooping around.

Kind of in a reverse urban legend scenario, I met a young man who claimed to know the farmer who came out to challenge folks on the road. The guy said the farmer was simply a property owner who was sick of others spreading a legend that affected him. The man was a family friend with no history of being raised by midgets or dwarves.

Of course, there probably are very few people who ever believed in the whole story of Hauncyville. It's more the idea of it: an uncharted place could exist right down the road, whether it's a Utopia for small people or any other fantastical place. Feel free to contact us with actual images of the area that show no signs of a tiny village so that the farmer at the end of the road can be left in peace, but please do not venture onto his property to get those photos--just if you have some old ones on 110 film from 1993 when you first heard the story.