If you've ever gone for a walk in the County Grounds, north of The Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, it's likely you've seen the potter's field cemetery, or pauper's cemetery. This is also known as an almhouse and poor farm cemetery. This cemetery is unique in that no one comes to visit the dead. The roads surrounding it have been in disrepair for years, and it might even seem as if any road you take through the area mysteriously leads you back to the cemetery. Just as the Monarch Butterflies have been displaced in the area in order to make way for progress, the cemetery sits waiting for its own burial, possibly as the foundation for up-scale apartments, just as another, similar cemetery was once buried next to the old County Hospital in the area.

The ghostly story with the potter's field in Wauwatosa is that the grave stones appear to move up and down. Assuming this is a nighttime phenomenon, it might be something to check out some evening as you stroll past the new Echelon Apartments and other expansion in the area. Don't forget your phone so that you can take video of the gave stones and call for help. As far as ghost stories go, grave marker movement is pretty tame. That is, until something else crawls out from under the ground. Of course, back in 1878, this happened all the time, since the pauper cemeteries were not maintained very well, and coffins were often popping up out of the ground. Unlucky in life, and, apparently, even unlucky in death. But maybe you'll be lucky enough to find yet another burial ground in the area (three were rediscovered in 1932, 1991, and 2000), so watch your step.